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Installation cotton fabric screen printing of the poem,

video performance

Variable dimensions


In her most recent work To Hold A Smile , the artist creates a dialogue with three interpretations of the poem The Mask (We Wear The Mask). Originally written by the poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar, reworked by Maya Angelou and then by Michaëlle Sergile, this work creates a new iteration with an emphasis on laughter as a survival device.

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L’artiste tient à remercier les membres de sa famille qui contribuent continuellement à sa pratique, Miguel Sergile, Wilnie Brézault, Richard Étienne, Benny Étienne, Ji Hee Shin Étienne et Benjamin Étienne.

© Vue de l'exposition Dessiller : s'ouvrir au hors-champ au Musée d'art de Joliette, 2022. Photo : Paul Litherland.

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